• How to diaper a dog with spina bifida

    This article was originally written for our Special Needs Bulldogs group, so it will be mostly specific to Bulldogs but it will also help those with other dogs too.

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    Diapering a Bulldog can be quite intimidating the first time you try. I know for me, I had a very hard time fumbling and strapping. I probably worked on my diaper creation for at least 30 minutes, and in the end, my puppy could not even move because I had him so strapped up!

    After meeting other people who knew how to diaper properly, I found out that even through my trial and error, I never had it quite right. It's very difficult to do at first, but once you do it several times (and so does your bully), it becomes very quick and easy! Practice makes perfect they say and it couldn't be more true than with diapering your Bulldog!

    Hopefully, with the following information, Special Needs Bulldogs can help new paw-rents learn how to how to diaper, and also help in finding the best products you can use to help keep the diaper in place.

    First thing you need to know is that it is highly unlikely that your bulldog can just wear a diaper like a child can. You will need a way to secure the diaper. The second thing you need to know is that you should also provide as much "air time" as you can to avoid skin irritations and infections from being diapered all day, every day.

    There are many great ways to diaper and help keep your Bulldog comfortable at the same time. First thing you will probably need to do is a little bit of shopping.

    Here is a list of possible shopping materials you will need depending on the diapering set up that works for you and your Bulldog.

    • Appropriate Sized Diaper
    • Adult Incontinent Pads or Super Maxi Pads
    • Baby Wipes
    • Medicated Powder, such as "Gold Bond"
    • Diaper Rash Ointment/Barrier creme/Nappy Rash Cream (depending on where you live depends on what you call it)
    • Comfortable Harness & Mitten Clips / Belly Band / other type of Secure Diaper Clothing or Holders

    Some parents of diapered Bulldogs have success with many different types of diapers, including pull-ups. Each owner and Bulldog will have their own preference. I found the diapers from the Dollar General and Walgreens to be more effective then expensive name brand diapers. Just like when you diaper a child - each Bulldog shape is different and it will depend on your preference to which kind you buy. When I had my (human) children, I tried other brands of diapers but none of them held up as good as Huggies. Unfortunately, Huggies was not a huge success when I tried using them on a Bulldog. Many owners do find that Huggies fit very nicely. This is a prime example of "What works for one may not work perfectly for another."

    Bulldogs come in many shapes and sizes. From Frenchies to Americans, butt sizes will vary. Due to the English & American bulldog's larger size when full grown, many parents end up using adult sized diapers or Pampers size 7 diapers. Pampers size 7 diapers can be ordered online from Babies 'R Us and Amazon, as they are not easy to find locally. Many parents find using a pad inside the diaper on boy bulldogs is also very helpful. Poise pads (adult incontinence pads) are super absorbent but cost more, whereas if you are changing more often using an off brand adult incontinence pad or Super Maxi Pad works great. Many parents opt to not use any pad at all. Again, it really just depends on your own personal experiences, along with trial and error, to find what works best for you.

    Step By Step Instructions

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    Step 1: Gather up your supplies.
    Remove lids off of creams, open powders, pull out a few baby wipes
    so they are ready, lay out your diaper, open any other items you will
    be using such as poise pads. Basically, be ready so you are not trying
    to fumble with getting these items out.

    Step 2: Cleaning.
    Remove diaper & clean the areas that require cleaning,
    and use your creams/powders as needed.
    If this is your first time diapering, skip this step.

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    Step 3: Diaper Time!
    Place diaper on, making sure it is not too tight.
    You also do not want it too loose, so having them
    in a standing position is ideal for making sure it has a good fit.
    When putting on the diaper, make sure you lay out your
    diaper so that the tabs are on the belly side,
    so when you attach them, you will be attaching
    to the middle of their back.

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    Step 4: Add your accessories!
    Depending on what you like to use, harness + clips,
    Happy Pantz, diaper covers, ect. add your goodies.
    You can find suggested products for keeping diapers
    on in our Recommended Products Section.

    Here is some great products that many owners choose:

    Mitten Clips (easily found on Ebay)
    Hello, my name is Molly!-05-jpg

    Soft Harness by Puppia
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    Happy Pantz
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    We found that videos are incredibly helpful and
    really show you a hands-on way to do things.
    Here is a few videos that we found.

    Here is a great video to show how you can modify
    an adult diaper for your bulldog to remove the access parts.


    Some incontinent pets require bladder expressing to help avoid infections.

    Here is a great how-to video on Bladder Expressing:


    This article was written and edited by the Moderator team on Special Needs Bulldogs.
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