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Thread: Should pets owners smoke?

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    Should pets owners smoke?

    My neighbor is a heavy smoker, and I constantly see him smoking when he walks his dog. He told me that he often smokes indoors and doesn’t see in this any danger for his pet, but I don’t think so. I don’t know any person, who would smoke in the same room with a baby, but why some people allow themselves to do this around cats and dogs. I searched the info and found a lot of articles like this Why should you stop smoking or vaping near your pets? and each of them say that it’s not safe. My buddy considers I exaggerate. I feel sorry for his dog, how to persuade him to stop doing this?

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    Hello @[replacer_a] I agree, smoke, even secondhand smoke is not good for pets, or people. I am guessing that if your neighbor is not concerned about his own lungs, it is unlikely that he will consider his poor dog. Although you have tried to help, I doubt that he is going to be co operative in worrying about it. There is nothing you can do, so hopefully he takes good care of his dog, in other concerns. You have stated your opinion, so better just leave it alone. My son is a caretaker of smokers, and they have no considerations when it comes to their smoking. Some smokers just don't care about others.

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