Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum and new to being a puppy mom. (all previous dogs I've owned have been inherited or adopted at older ages). Our pup Chewie is a 4 month old Chiweenie we rescued. He is doing pretty great with all of his training. One piece of advice we get a lot is a tired puppy is a good puppy. I have health issues so my husband tires him out every night with fetch, tug of war, and then I join for a nice walk around the neighborhood. After, we try to sit and watch a show together and Chewie isn't having it. He jumps and nips at my husband to the point of annoyance. We can't get him to stop. He doesn't do this with me and all we can think is that Chewie thinks of my husband as the "rough house" parent. Chewie is a great lap dog for me but will not sit still and let my husband just give him pets and loves.

Any advise on how to get Chewie to calm down with husband would be greatly appreciated!!