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Thread: Im new

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    Im new

    Hi everyone! Im the proud owner of a 10 year old english bulldog!... i have two beautiful kids; but my bulldog is my first baby!... he was resently diagnose with a perineal fistula; i dont knoe if any of you is familiar with the term....but its just a terrible disease... that has pretty much no cure. There is some treatments out there...but nothing that guaranty cure. I have seeing the vet se eral times; gor the same reason and the only choices they give me are surgery or treatment with creams...that will cost me $350 at month. Now.... is not that i dont want to....its my current situation i cant affor that kind of money right now. Im not working...and i have two little ones. Besides the vet told me...that he cant even guaranty that the treatment will work. Im just looking for alternative ways to help my baby. Being doing reserch all over. Hoping that some of you have some useful sugestion!.. thank you in advance!

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    Welcome to you and Gunnar! I have a 4 year old French Bulldog and a 5 1/2 month old English Bulldog.

    I am not familiar with this disease but I suggest heading over and joining English Bulldog News at English Bulldog News Forums - English Bulldog News Forums ~. You will probably be able to get some good advice and suggestions over there.

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    Sounded very familiar, so I did google it really quick. I am hoping that a good diet with nice solid would help as well as good supplements like NuVet. The food will be more expensive as well as the supplements but in the long run the health and intestines will be healthy. Do you know if this is something that can heal or is it only surgically corrected?

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