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Thread: I hate this.

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    I hate this.

    Hey guys! I really don't know whether I should be discussing this out here. But I really am frustrated and I just want to let it go. It's been only 3 months now that I bought my first pet dog and people around me are making so much of fuss out of it. My house owner just hates dogs and she just finds out reason everyday to complain something or the other. She doesn't want the puppy to make noise, she's scared he will damage the furniture's. It's been only three months and I've heard enough of complaints already. Hence, I'm just thinking of shifting in to a new place and to avoid any more troubles, I'm even thinking of getting my own place. But it has been only a year that I've shifted to Calgary. Hence, I'm not sure whether I'll be getting any mortgages here easily. However, I've managed to find these mortgage brokers for some help. Home Purchase Mortgage Professionals Alberta | Canada Mortgage Direct Would appreciate if anyone could suggest me any other mortgage brokers or providers. I just hope to move out sooner.
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    Sorry can't help you here, I'm not in the USA or Canada

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