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Thread: Need to get rid of Raccoons

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    Need to get rid of Raccoons

    About a month ago I had something very large on my roof, it ran from one end to the other and my house shook from it. I don't know what it was as I was not about to go outside and inspect it. It happened at 11:30 at night. I think whatever was up there maybe damaged something that allowed the raccoon to get in. I always thought that if you had a wildlife problem then conservation would come and get rid of it. I was very surprised to learn otherwise. I can poison them because they are my property but I can't give them away. Anyways I know now different than I had thought. I will need to call an animal removal services in Hamilton to get rid of them.
    I am a single parent who just got my house taxes together since they went up for me and now I guess I will be only part of my house taxes and will deal with the penalty. So I am very frustrated at the situation.

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    I am sorry that you have this raccoon problem. This does need to be taken care of, as they will raise a family, and your problem will intensify! Pay as much of your tax as you can, and have the problem taken care of, before it gets worse. It seems problems always happens, when there are other problems already! Right now, the raccoon is your priority! Things will work out, have faith, and pray about it.

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