Hey yall, Im at my wits end here.
I have a 9 year old long haired mini dachshund (Darwin) who Ive had since he was 9 weeks old. A few years ago, after a move to Texas, I noticed him starting to have some minor separation anxiety issues- hed pace or bark or lick himself till I came home. So since hed been kennel trained, we started using his kennel with a peanut butter filled Kong to help when wed leave. We also leave the tv or radio on, so he has voices and sounds. Our other dog is either kenneled or left in the room with Darwin, so hes not alone in that way either.
For the last year or so though (definitely a relatively new thing), hes started to pee on himself in his kennel. STINKY pee. A LOT of stinky pee. EVERY time we leave the house. It doesnt matter if we take him on a long walk or a short walk before kenneling, he seems to somehow save some pee for anxiety (and its not just a little dribble, it is a LOT). And it doesnt matter if were gone for five minutes or five hours, its always exactly the same. Weve spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a solution- weve tried sprays, oils, toys, puzzles for dogs, several variations of the thundershirt or sweaters, I even broke and got the app that lets me FaceTime him and dispense treats- nothing has helped AT ALL. Now I just have an expensive camera that shows me my dog covered in pee.
We even dropped about $350 at the vet getting him tested for anything that could cause him to lose control of his bladder like a uti, cancer, loss of bladder control, etcetera- hes totally healthy. Just a jerk.

I love my dog so much, he is my furry son! But Im at my wits end, I dont even know what to try anymore. I really dont want to have to leave him outside all day when I go to work, hes so small and my yard and the wild critters in it can be so big. Please help, Ive looked all over google and cant find any more answers so Im turning to you fellow pet parents- ANYTHING helps, please let me know what you did/would do!