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Thread: New dog and old Cat

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    Unhappy New dog and old Cat

    Hi everyone,

    We recently decided after much arbitration to adopt a dog from the pound. So far it has been great, but a big problem has popped up. She will chase and attack out cat.

    We have looked through forums and seen guides, but it is ddifficult to train her because she is a food hoarder and will not eat treats right away.

    Our cat, Didi, has been hiding behind the couch but we have been putting Mochi, the new dog, in the bedroom with us to give Didi time to prowl at night. Well today after a bad chase and short skirmish, Didi peed behind the couch. I grabbed her, which she isn't a fan of, and she seemed light and did not fight to get down like usual. I took her and gave her a bath to wash the pee she crawled through off and she was noticeably thinner and weaker.

    I realize she is probably terrified of this new animal and I don't know how to control Mochi, especially without any effective way to reward her.

    I'm so distraught over the condition Didi is in after just two weeks with Mochi and can't help feeling a certain amount of anger with Mochi because of the effect she is having on Didi. Please help. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Didi is very standoffish by nature and change is hard for her. Mochi is a two year old Dueshand/German Shepard mix and can get agressive when she gets excited. I also believe, but can't prove, she came from a home with a bigger dog because of how she treats food.

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    Wow this is a tough one!!! I am hoping that since you have posted perhaps the two have started to find a mutual ground with each other.

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    Hello @[replacer_a]...It will be very difficult to ever get the two to be together. You don't know the history of your new dog, and some people think it's funny when a dog chases a cat. I would suggest that you make sure that your cat is eating. Stay with her, and make sure. Build her some kitty "shelves" up high, so that she can motivate from shelf to shelf-up high so that the dog can not reach. Put a leash in the dog, in the house,so that you can stop her from chasing the cat. It may take a long time for the two to tolerate each other. Do not punish the dog-but keep special treats(such as cooked liver pieces-which she may eat..) for when you have her on leash, and she sees the cat,and you tell her in a good voice, that she is good, and no chase the kitty. If she will sit,and not freak-then give her the treat. It will take a good lot of patience and training, but at least you can get the dog not to chase the cat. Get a gate, and start with putting them on one side each.
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