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Thread: Bladder of Steel

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    Unhappy Bladder of Steel

    Hi everyone,

    My boyfriend and I have recently moved into a new apartment with our boy, Moose and he has been having a hard time adjusting to the potty situation. At first he was nervous because it was a new place with new smells, so there were a few accidents in the house, which were no big deal, it was new. We went out frequently for walks and used treats as a reinforcer to get him more comfortable and things were looking good. Then suddenly, Moose stopped peeing outside. He would poo, but would not pee. Even with the frequent potty trips, Moose would still hold it for long periods of time (24-48 hours) until his bladder failed! He would be in the middle of doing something, freeze then release a lake over where ever he was standing, the floor, the couch, the carpet, even the BED.

    I have tried just about everything I can think of; we did the frequent trips outside, treat reinforcers, "potty here" spray, diapers in the house, modifying our house like rolling up rugs and limiting access to carpeted areas (only our bed room has carpet) because he seemed more comfortable with going on a carpet, scheduled feedings, getting tested at the vet, switching food to what the vet recommended, getting anxiety meds and even talked with a behavioral specialist. We even stopped kenneling him because it seems to make him mad. He has been kennel trained since he was a puppy and has never had problems until now. No matter the amount of time he is in the kennel, he will become destructive and make a huge mess. He will scoot the kennel around, knocking things over and chewing things through the bars, he will even potty in the kennel and cover himself, the walls and floor. Since we stopped using the kennel, there seems to be less accidents in the house and I don't want to go back to using it.

    I am truly at my wits end here. I absolutely do not want re-home my boy and will go to the ends of the earth to keep him but he is destroying our apartment and making our lives miserable.

    Thank you in advance

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    @[replacer_a] Sorry to hear about this. Have you had him checked by your Veterinarian? He may be having a problem with his bladder. Bring a urine sample with you. Once you have determined that all is well, he may be very upset about the move. When he pees in the house, soak it up, with a sponge. Take it outside, where you wish him to potty, and squeeze the sponge, so the urine will be in the "chosen" spot. Whenever you take him out, bring him to that spot. He will have to learn that this will be "his" spot to pee. Once you can get him to use that spot, then he may relax, and adjust to new surroundings. Patience-some dogs are sensitive to new things.

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