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Thread: What are you eating?

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    What are you eating?

    Hi Molly here. I have a story to tell you. About 3 years ago my Mommie found out the dog food I was eating was not good for me. I was always itchy and smelly, like a normal bulldog, we thought. I never had an major problems for 3 years until I got a skin infection. My doggie doctor prescribed me pills and shampoos. Several weeks went by and I got a little better, but mom was sure worried because I was still in bad shape. Nothing seemed to really be helping. She decided to try a new dog food because she was reading on the 'puter about how my food (iams) was bad for dogs. Well, it was a good day when she went to the Petsmart and looked at foods. She decided to try one called Avoderm. Boy was it expensive! She said I was worth it, even if it did not help. When she came home I was so excited! I could smell it right through the bag... It smelled soooo good!! Like human food!! She only gave me 1/4 of the new food and 3/4 of the old food, and I gobbled it right up.

    The next day, I got more of the new food. Mommie also got some wild Alaskan salmon oil to put on top too. By the next night, I stopped itching so much! Boy did I feel great!! Then she stopped giving me the allergy pills too, and I still didn't itch anymore! By the time I got only the new food, my stains on my feet and face disappeared!! Ever since my Mommie discovered the benefits of food she did hundreds of hours of research on it. I have not been to the vet for anything except dry eye in the past 3 years. I am so thankful my Mommie learned about good dog food. She now feeds me Fromm or Earthborn, and I get a homecooked meal a couple of times a week. Sometimes I get yogurt and special treats. I now love frozen veggies and fresh fruit for treats. Mom says no more junk food treats, and that is okay with me!
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    Re: What are you eating?

    When mommy first got Brutus thats when she learned all about good dog food. Her buddies at told her all bout good food nd ingredients. Now me and Brutus eat Fromm Beef Frittatta and We LOVE it! Tell your moms/pops to check it out ~Chanel

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    Re: What are you eating?

    My mommy also researched our food. When she brought us home from our breeder we were eating Royal Canin, it wasn't the worst food, but Mommy knew it wasn't the best. She changed our food 4 times before we got Fromms Beef Frittata, my sister Blossom has allergies to chicken, salmon, corn, and grains, and mommy knew corn and grains weren't good for us anyway. We love the Fromms and we don't get runny poopies anymore. Mommy also home cooks for us for half of our meals, also we get lots of healthy treats. She gives us cut up apples, bananas, strawberries, yogurt, cheese strings, green beans, cottage cheese, and a hard boiled egg once a week. Mommy also adds salmon oil to my food, and Blossom gets cod liver oil, because she is allergic to the salmon oil, she gets all pink, and itchy, and we both get apple cider vinegar in our drinking water. Mommy sure does love us.

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